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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lost in translation

I only have a few minutes at this internet cafe so just a quick post about a completely life changing event that happened to me today--I had a conversation.
I don't speak a word of Spanish. Well, I do, but this is all I know: "¿dónde está el armadillo", "where is the armadillo?" (I've been begging to see one since I landed in Guatemala). However with me speaking English and him speaking Spanish, I carried on a full 30 minute conversation with Dennis, our driver's grandson. We talked about everything. Food, music, love, Antigua, New York, and armadillos, of course. Just with hand signals and broken words in each of respective non-native languages.
Like I have been this whole trip, I was amazed. It was a beautiful reminder that people are people, no matter what nation, and we all have something important to say.
The team with Dennis

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