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Friday, June 29, 2012

Mabuhay, Philippines! With love

As my final day in the Philippines comes to a close, I look back on today as a major highlight of the trip. As a final activity we held a mock audition for the students where they each had 4 minutes to perform a scale and a solo to receive comments from us. Everyone performed so well and despite my efforts to make it like a real “scary” audition, no one was impacted and everyone played with such expression.
One student in particular stood out to me. Yvette, the youngest student in the music division and a student at PHSA for only the last month had approached me last week begging me to give her some advice about performance anxiety. We worked with her and saw proof of her improvement because after her mock audition I thanked Yvette and said, “that’s all” and she left smiling and SKIPPING out of her audition. I was shocked. Brian and I turned to each other and laughed. But throughout tonight I’ve considered this moment and thought about how much it meant to me. I feel like her youthfulness and excitement about music very much represents the feeling many of us young professionals lose as we become jaded and stressed about how competitive the music business is. So why can’t we all just skip out of our auditions and be this carefree? I will strive for this from now on.
Immediately following the audition, the class hiked up the hill to the performance where we played “In C” while the dancers danced. Again, the performance was very well received and the students had a wonderful time. The night ended with certificates, remembrances, and hugs. I will miss my PHSA students very much. Back to America tomorrow!

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