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Friday, June 22, 2012

PHSA routine

I have been teaching the music students of PHSA for 4 days now and I am so impressed with their talent and work ethic. There are no bassoonists here, but I'm excited for the challenge of having to give lessons for guitarists, pianists, flutists, etc.
We have the mornings free to rehearse and rest. But the afternoons we have split our 4 hour class with the students into 3 parts. For the first hour, Brian and I give a lecture. We have covered topics including performance anxiety and practice techniques. The second hour, we have a masterclass where 4 students play and receive comments from both Brian and I, as well as the students. For the next two hours, Brian and I are giving half-hour private lessons so that by the end of next week, we have worked one-on-one with every musician. It is going really well!
Like in Samar, our 2 week workshop here will conclude with a final performance. We plan on performing Terry Riley's "In C" with the dancers who are working with the Project Philippines dancers. Next week, we will use our lecture hour to have rehearsal of "In C". 

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