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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend on the beach

The team had the weekend off so we could enjoy the beautiful sights of the Philippines. Our friend Eric, who we met through Kickstarter hosted us in his hometown of Polompon, Leyte, about a 4 hour drive from Catarman. There, he has founded an after school program where kids can go to take art classes--he shares very similar goals with Project Philippines when it comes to art education.
He rented a boat and took us to Kalanggaman, an island paradise and tourist destination for Filipinos. The water was clear and warm, the sand was white, and we ate the freshest fish I've ever had (so fresh that we ate a sea cucumber while it was still alive). The rest we cooked on an old sewer grate and I've never enjoyed a meal so much.
I spent the long car rides practicing my Filipino. I learned that the words I used growing up which I thought were just Samson-isms are in fact Tagalog. I was shocked to find out that I have been a lot more connected to this country my whole life than I thought.
We also planned our lessons for the next week in the car. This week we plan to kick our kid's butts as they prepare for their final performance next weekend. But the beach trip was a necessary rest day for the team. 

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