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Monday, May 2, 2011

Testing, testing...

Is this working...? I've never attempted to do a blog....
As I embark on my first international outreach trip, I've decided to start this blog to keep family (mostly my worried mother) and friends updated while I am away. I have no idea what my internet situation will be while out of the country, so I will try to keep posts quick and informal sharing what I've spent the days doing and what I have learned. Since outreach and teaching has become so important to me, I plan to keep updating this blog for years to come as I (hopefully) continue to share my love for music throughout the world.
The Rayos de Cancion team has spent the last academic year tirelessly fundraising and planning to insure that this inaugural trip to Guatemala will be a success. My fellow team members are: Annalise Thompson (dancer and founder of Rayos de Cancion), Catie Longi (viola), Caeli Smith (violin), Ian Sullivan (percussion), and Matt Wright (flute), all Juilliard students. In a few weeks, we will travel to Antigua and volunteer at the children's ward of Obras Sociales del Santo Hermano Pedro, a hospital and orphanage for children with cerebral palsy. Our stay will be 10 days long and we will bring music each day to the ward as an experiment to see if the children have any reaction to our performances.
Again, since this is the first trip, it is a huge experiment. I am trying to go with ZERO expectations, but only with goals. I will strive to bring joy to each of the patients while breaking cultural barriers with something everyone can enjoy: music!

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