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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Journal Time!

Each day at the Rise and Shine Academy, we finish our daily sessions with a quiet individual reflection time. Every student has a paper journal and after class, we give them a prompt that they use to write and reflect on their day. In the evenings, we respond to each entry which really allows us to get to know every student! The students always have the option to respond in English, Swahili, or a drawing. Here are some responses that really stood out to me this week.

Why do you love music?

“I love music because it relieves all my sorrow and it exhibits my happiness in a meaningful manner.” -Elvis, 14

“I love music because it enables us to say our unspoken.” Sylvia, 15

“I love music because it is food to my ears.” -Faith, 17

“I love music because it slows down my temper when I have hunger.” -Manoah, 17

What makes you unique?

“I love myself” -Christine, 13

“I love what I have in my life” -Carringtone, 18

“I can compose beautiful music. Music is my style.” -Isaiah, 18

“I am special from the rest. I work very hard in school and classes” -Stanley, 12

What is your role in your community?

"My community needs me. I teach the babies about bad things like AIDS and help them in school." -Steven, 13

"I help the elders and my family. I am important in the community." -Frederick, 17

"I help the needy and give hope to those teenagers who think their life has come to an end" -Brenda, 16

"I sing in church and make music in my community." -Samantha, 14

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