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Sunday, June 9, 2013

KNYO and the Nairobi Orchestra

Yesterday, Trade Winds had our third and final day off from teaching during our project. We were so lucky to spend it in the STUNNING Amboseli National Park on the border of Tanzania at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro. We feel rested and ready to start our last week of teaching!

Today, we met with the National Youth Orchestra of Kenya. This ensemble is a diverse group of high schoolers and university students who all love music. The organization is in its third season and meets for 3 sessions and concerts every year. Originally the orchestra did not have a scheduled course while we were in the country, but we got lucky and they added a fourth session that occurred during our visit! We joined the orchestra in rehearsal and offered tips and advice throughout the day to the students near us. They are really making beautiful music at the KNYO!

Conveniently, the Nairobi Orchestra rehearsal we were scheduled to attend was in the same room as where we worked with the youth orchestra. So we stayed and joined the orchestra that afternoon. The ensemble includes several of the same musicians from the youth orchestra, as well as adult professional musicians who have degrees in music. We rehearsed our quintet arrangement of Mozart's "Sinfonia Concertante" which we will perform as featured soloists with the orchestra. Then, the conductor invited us to join the orchestra in rehearsal of the rest of the concert: Wagner's "Die Meistersinger", Betthoven's Fifth Symphony, and Kenyan songs by Njane Mugambi, Philip Mundey, and Paul Basler. Since there are not enough bassoons and horns, Nick and I will be performing in the orchestra at the concert! We are excited to keep working with the orchestra and perform with them next weekend. 

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