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Saturday, January 4, 2014

A few special moments

As I reflect on the last 3 months with my students at PS 11, I wish that I could write down every funny, bright, beautiful moment that has happened with these 2nd graders. Since that would be impossible, here are a few special moments I would like to share:

  • Following a group listening of Igor Stravinsky's Suite for Petite Orchestra, I had to explain that he is no longer alive when a student asked where he lived. The class gasped in shock and every student was genuinely upset about this. 
  • The day I performed the Mozart bassoon concerto with a midi orchestral accompaniment, a student observed that while my playing was expressive and exciting, the orchestra seemed to be "just playing the notes".
  • When I arrived to class one morning, a student greeted me by asking, "Ms. Midori, are we listening to more Gyorgy Ligeti this week?"
It's moments like these that remind me that this work is so rewarding and special!

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