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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Trade Winds Update

On this "year off" from planning a trip to Kenya, Trade Winds has been working hard to stay connected to the community in Nairobi by hosting mini-projects from here in the US. Here are descriptions of these mini-projects:

  • Offering Skype lessons to band students of the Nairobi School on all instruments
  • Hosting a bassoon reed collection drive for bassoon students at the Rift Valley Academy
  • Selling MP3's of student compositions at the Rise and Shine Academy to create a scholarship fund to help lower the cost of student tuition
  • Performing a benefit concert for Kenya Red Cross in reaction to September's Westgate Mall attack

None of this would be possible without the support of our friends and colleagues who have joined our mission. THANK YOU!

Also please enjoy this video with footage from our trip. The end of the video shows the students singing their class compositions about community. The lyrics you'll hear include "my role in the community is to help elders and poor". It is so special to me that these children who live on so little, still sing about striving to help others. We should all learn from this. 

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