Spotted in Manila, 2014

Monday, July 21, 2014

Sa wakas! Finally!

Tomorrow, my music teaching partner (and wonderful boyfriend!) Brian Gnojek and I will begin our long travel adventure to Catarman, Northern Samar, Philippines to begin teaching with Artists Striving to End Poverty and Project Philippines!!

The trip will begin with a drive to Houston, where we will spend the night, then a direct flight to Seoul the next morning where we will spend our 17 hour layover exploring and eating with an old friend. On the next day, an early fight to Manila, where we will meet up with the rest of the teaching team and spend the night, and finally another morning flight to Samar where we will spend 2 weeks working. It will be a long 4 day journey, but I am so excited for this long awaited month of teaching! I can't wait to finally be back in the beautiful country of The Philippines.

As usual, I will be regularly updating my experiences here (if internet access allows) for myself to track my own progress, my mother to know that I am safe, and for anyone else who happens to read. Philippines, here we come!

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