Spotted in Manila, 2014

Monday, August 25, 2014

Until next time...

As I lay here back in my Texas apartment, eating the last pandan cake that I brought back from Manila, I struggle to find the words that accurately express what a truly unforgettable experience the last 4 weeks have been for me. I've struggled for the last 5 nights of being back in the US, every night, with the last 5 pandan cakes I brought back from Manila.

I too often say that something was life-changing; it's very easy for me to let my heart get touched. So I won't. Instead, as my final reflection on Project Philippines, I have created a list. These are the incredible scenes, snacks, people, and things in nature that symbolize my special trip--the reminders that connect me to my ancestors, and keep my music making full.

Things that stole my heart in the Philippines:

1. Pandan cakes
2. Pastel skies
3. Bumpy pedicab rides
4. Pancit
5. Lesson planning by candlelight
6. Catarman National High School
7. Chickenjoy
8. Billions of stars
9. Ocean phosphorescence. Like Earth's reflection of the billions of stars.
10. Cold bucket showers
11. Coconuts
12. Philippine High School for the Arts
13. Tide pools
14. Croaking lizards
15. Our driver, Raul
16. Street snacks
17. Open markets
18. Filipino pride
19. Filipino hospitality
20. Filipino smiles

Until next time, Philippines. Mahal ko kayo and Mabuhay!

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