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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Shanti Bhavan and India!

I'm so anxious/excited/thrilled/nervous to be only 10 days away from my departure for India! From May 20 to June 13, I will be in Bangalore, India working with other volunteer teaching artists in many different disciplines at the Shanti Bhavan Children's Project through Artists Striving to End Poverty. This is a country and a project that has been calling me for many years, and finally my schedule and finances allow for me to participate. I feel so fortunate.

My travel time will take about 3 days to make the trip to India (via 24 hour layovers in both London and Frankfurt), and on May 16, I begin this journey. I look forward to tracking my work and progress as a teacher here for the few weeks I am on site at Shanti Bhavan. These kinds of outreach experiences are so valuable to my growth as a musician, teacher, ambassador, activist, and human. That is why I'm so hooked on using my musicianship to take me around the world, and meeting all kinds of beautiful people in doing so.

Let the adventure begin!!!

On a darker note, here's a shot from the preparation I've been doing for the trip.

The realism of traveling...

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